Lecture Series on Evolution & Christian Faith

September 20-24, 2010

Princeton Theological Seminary

The Biology of Morality: What We Know, Don't Yet Know, and Can't Know from Science

October 20, 2010

American Academy of Religion, Atlanta, GA


November 10, 2010

BioLogos Foundation, New York, NY

Human Genome, Human Origins, Human Nature

March 9, 2011

Asbury Theological Seminary

The Evolution of Morality and the Morality of Evolution

July 8-11 (TBA)

Ian Ramsey Centre, Oxford University

I joined the Westmont College faculty 25 years ago, after undergraduate and graduate studies in biology and philosophy.  I am, and I encourage students to be, decidedly ambivalent in refusing to choose between teaching & research, experimental fieldwork & integrative scholarship, and the integrity of science & viability of Christian faith.

Recent Talks

Recent Papers

Schloss, Jeffrey, Barrett, Justin L., Murray, Michael J. 2010. “Looking Past vs. Overlooking Cognitive-Evolutionary Accounts of

Religion: A Response to Nathaniel Barrett” Journal of the American Academy of Religion, pp. 1-7.

Schloss, Jeffrey and Michael Murray. 2010. “Evolution, design, and genomic suboptimality: Does science “save theology”?” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Vol 107. No. 30.

Schloss, Jeffrey and Michael Murray.  2010.  “Science, Religion, and the  Sciences of Religion: Comments on Van Till’s Criticisms of Barrett.” Theology and Science. 8(1): 17-23

Schloss, Jeffrey and Michael Murray.  2010.  ” You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Evolution and True Beliefs?” Brain and Behavioral Sciences. 32(6): 533-534


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“If there is ever a time in which we must make profession of two opposite truths, it is when we are reproached for omitting one.”  Pascal, Pensees